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I offer a full range of restoration services, including:

The structural work to consolidate loose joints, splits and all physical work to carcasses and frames.

Identification of the make-up and condition of the existing surface. Preserving any original patination, reviving and waxing the show wood surfaces or when necessary stripping and re-polishing surfaces that require such treatment.

Upholstering and covering frames with traditional materials after re-gluing all joints and treating or repairing any wood wormed tack rails.

Gilded furniture and frames
Splicing on and carving any replacement sections. Modelling or casting to replace missing composition mouldings. The preparation of groundwork with gesso (whiting and rabbit skin glue). The application of bole (coloured clay) and loose gold leaf. Burnishing and toning.

Repair to long cases and bracket clock cases, replacement of missing marquetry, fretwork and mouldings and brass work. I have a highly qualified horologist who restores the movements and dials for me.

Marquetry & Boulle
Laying of loose veneers tortoiseshell and brass and cutting replacement sections as required to match original work.

Brassware and mounts
Advising, selecting and sourcing the correct pattern of handles and mounts when missing. Colour matching the brass and fitting.

Ongoing maintenance of large collections

I send detailed written estimates for all work over £100, and require confirmation of acceptance in writing before commencement of work.

I do not charge for visiting and estimating within our locality, however I do sometimes make a modest charge for estimates when I are required to travel some distance. I charge for all insurance estimates outside the Sevenoaks area.

Items are insured whilst at my premises, however I require notification of valuations of items above £2,000 in value prior to delivery to my premises in order to ensure I am adequately covered. My workshop is alarmed.

Collection and delivery
Furniture that is too large or heavy for clients to bring in can be transported in my own van for a modest fee. I can arrange transport for clients further afield at a competitive price.