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A wonderful early 18th century elbow chair – fully dismantled and rebuilt. Its original surface waxed to a fabulous period colour.

A copy chair made and polished to match a set.

One of many 18th century French Boulle bracket clocks that we have restored over the years.

18th century period Hepplewhite window seat. The original surface had been lost . We repainted and gilded the surface and upholstered it in silk damask.

A French Regence Bombe’ commode. Total reconstruction of the carcass and extensive repairs to the kingwood and tulipwood veneers. Colour matching and toning of the repairs to match existing surfaces.

A pair of late 18th century demi-lune card tables with badly warped tops. All veneers and bandings on the tops removed and laid on new substrate. Original surface retained despite the extensive work.

The restoration of a pair of early 18th century English pier mirrors on site in Rome in September 2004.
The original gilding was covered in tarnished bronze powders; the gesso surface was blown and flaking away in numerous places.

All the damaged gesso was carefully rebuilt in layers to the correct profile. The repairs were boled and water gilded in 23 ½ carat gold loose leaf.

The remaining surfaces were cleaned back to reveal the original surface, much of which had been washed away by over zealous cleaning over the years.

These areas were gilded to match. The whole surface was carefully toned to match in old and new gold. They were re hung in the dining room in all their splendour.

A set of twelve 18th century Irish mahogany dining chairs.

Screws and metal plates removed

All components dismantled, fractures and broken joints repaired, lost veneers replaced, all joints reglued using traditional reversible animal glue, incrusted surface carefully cleaned back to reveal original surface which was wax polished.